Donald Trump, Pathetic

Donald Trump has a blog.

If post titles such as “Donald Trump: Headliner in an Arena of Wealth-Seekers” float your boat, here’s the link.

Beware of posting comments, however. Blogger Ike Pigott posted a comment asking about Trump’s attempt to force elderly widow Vera Coking from her Atlantic City home of 36 years so Trump could build a limousine parking lot on her land. As blogger BL Ochman reports, the pointed question was edited into something quite fawning by Trump’s webmaster before it was posted on Trump’s blog.

(Coking, by the way — this being pre-Kelo and thanks to legal help from the Institute for Justice — defeated Trump and was “allowed” to keep her own property.)

Speaking of sore points, “The Donald” seems to feel a need to advertise his sexual prowess. Take a look, if you can stand it, at the text of his October 25 radio commentary, which, his website claims, is heard on 400 stations. Trump, who soon will be old enough to receive Social Security, has two themes in his 153-word commentary: He wants listeners to know sex was a big part of his college life, and he thinks — believe it or not — that it is a “problem” if college students don’t want to have sex during their college years.

Trump’s text:

Have you heard about one of the newest, most popular clubs at Princeton University? It’s a student formed group promoting chastity. Can you believe it? Chastity?…Club organizers say they knew before they ever showed up on campus that sex would be a big part of college life, but many of them were surprised at how prevalent it would really be. Maybe they should have spoken to me about it. [Emphasis added.]

They started the club to let students who didn’t want to be part of the scene know that they’re not alone. They were surprised at how many students were interested in being involved. Well, when I know a student that doesn’t want to be involved in sex, that’s a big problem. That student is very unusual.

That’s where the commentary ends. No larger point seems to have been sought after, let alone achieved.Donald Trump may be marketing machismo, but to me he seems to be reaping ridicule.

Kind of pathetic, really.

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