A Bitter Man

From the Christian Science Monitor, an anecdote about a man who appears to be a tad bitter:

Beltway politicos, famously slow to adopt technology, are wooing blogs – all but Trent Lott.’Bloggers claim I was their first pelt, and I believe that. I’ll never read a blog,’ says the former Senate majority leader, who forfeited that title after bloggers Joshua Micah Marshall and Glenn Reynolds picked up a racially charged remark, drawing the attention of mainstream media (MSM) and his Senate colleagues…

The blogging world will survive this snub, but if Trent Lott had been the sort of fellow to read blogs, he might have had more of an inkling of how the public would react to his comments about Strom Thurmond’s justifiably ill-fated 1948 presidential run, and saved himself the heartache of losing the title and prestige that clearly meant a lot to him.I personally think Senator Lott was so used to Senate insincerity — those folks say nice things about one other all day while simultaneously stabbing each other in the back — that he thought he could say anything nice he wanted about Strom Thurmond without anyone taking it seriously. There is, however, a world outside the U.S. Senate — even for Senators.

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