Tactical Genuises — And Some Who Aren’t

Quote of the Day:

Rome cranked out military worthies faster than the Clintons created scandals.

Speaking of Clinton scandals, several Clinton defenders have been on cable TV lately, saying the Libby legal matter is more serious than the Clinton perjury because Libby’s alleged offenses deal with national security, and Clinton’s with sex. Isn’t that a dangerous argument, from a spin perspective? Assuming Libby did lie, it is at least possible that his motive was (at least partially) national security — whereas it is undeniably clear that Clinton was covering up adultery. So the matter spins two ways.Personally, I think at the point in time in which a spinner (of either party) is going to the trouble of travelling to a TV studio for no higher purpose than to say “your crime is worse than our crime,” he or she might as well just stay home with a good book. In fact, the Good Book might be especially appropriate, because the only real point here should be that no one should be lying. No spin needed.

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