WMDs: Found ‘Em

From Bizzy Blog on WMDs, a blog post worth repeating.

Addendum: After I posted the above, I received an email from Tom at BizzyBlog saying in part: “Since you linked over, a commenter challenged me to find ‘actual news’ sources for each of the items listed, and I did. So there are underlined links in the body of the post and specific references with dates listed in Update 2 at the post.” I’m partial also to what Tom added to the top of his post, which includes: “…I’m sick and bleeping tired of the absurdity of the ‘no WMD’ argument, the failure of the Mainstream Media to read their own news reports over the past two-plus years our forces have been in Iraq (and the 7-plus years since The Clinton Administration made the same WMD claims… and the failure of this administration and the congressional majority to defend itself on the topic.”

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