Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Denounce Racialist Milwaukee Newspaper Editorial

Members of the black leadership network Project 21 are condemning a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial in which United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas is said to need as “asterisk” next to his name with regard to his race because he “does not represent the views of mainstream black America.”

In an editorial written by Greg Stanford that appeared in the October 31 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that was largely critical of the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court, Stanford also chose to take issue with Justice Thomas’s racial allegiance.  The editorial stated: “In losing a woman, the court with Alito would feature seven white men, one white woman and a black man, who deserves an asterisk because he arguably does not represent the views of mainstream black America.”

The notion that there is a black way of thinking that is expressly liberal in nature is strongly denounced by Project 21 members.

“Agree or disagree with Justice Thomas — his personal journey from poverty in Pinpoint, Georgia to academic achievement at Yale Law School to high-level service in several federal positions and on the nation’s highest court — is an admirable example of personal dedication and success, not an asterisk,” said Project 21 member Deroy Murdock.

Murdock added: “Justice Thomas is not on the Court to represent ‘mainstream black America’ any more than Justice Antonin Scalia is supposed to stick up for Americans of Italian descent or Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is supposed to be the Court’s voice of American Jewry.  Is there a mainstream black view on so-called ‘right to die’ cases?  What is the proper Jewish position on the Endangered Species Act’s impact on property rights?  Who knows?  Justice Thomas represents the conservative judicial philosophy of the president who appointed him.  So far, he is doing that quite well.  If liberals want to affect the philosophical tone of the Supreme Court, they should consider winning the White House.”

“It is apparent that Greg Stanford’s attempt at sarcastic cute humor failed.  He is representative of the left’s unambiguous contempt for decency,” said Project 21 member Mychal Massie.  “It gives one cause to question the depth of moral turpitude liberals will plumb to cast aspersions on blacks and women who do not ascribe to their perversion of reality.” 

For more information, contact David Almasi at (202) 507-6398 x11 or [email protected], or visit Project 21’s website at New Visions Commentaries can be found at

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