Tony Blankley: The Stench of Defeatism

Tony Blankley is in fire. Topic is the Senate and Iraq. An excerpt:

Monday, for the first time, the foul odor of the Vietnam War denouement wafted through the Senate chamber during the debate on Iraq. The Democrats called for “estimated dates for the phased redeployment of United States Armed Forces from Iraq.” Phased redeployment was the maneuver the French executed in June 1940 in the days preceding the German occupation of Paris. Phased redeployment is what the Vietnamese boat people did as they swam for their lives away from their homeland.

The Republican Senate leadership, sensing they might lose enough Republican senators (six or more) to let the Democratic amendment pass, decided to quibble with, rather than oppose, the infamous document.

So they scratched out the explicit timeline to desertion and added fine-sounding phrases, such as calling for the president to provide more information and a schedule for reaching full Iraqi sovereignty.

No bureaucratic euphemism can cleanse the air of the stench of defeatism…

Blankley is as fun a read as Mark Steyn. Too bad the issues involved are no laughing matter.

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