The Peace Movement’s Moderate Face

As Cindy Sheehan is once again protesting in Crawford, Texas, I thought it a good time to share some pictures that show — as the mainstream media often does not — the message of the anti-war protesters.

These photos, of another anti-war rally in which Cindy Sheehan participated, were taken by Joe Roche.

Said Joe about the day he took these pictures:

I wiped myself out by walking in the opposite direction all day through the marches taking pictures of lots of stuff.

The reason I did this was because of an exchange I had with some soldiers after the Sept 11th Freedom Walk earlier this month. There was a counter-protest for that that shocked most of the soldiers. They held up signs that were extremely militant and provacative. The soldiers asked me afterwards if those were Americans. They were shocked, incredulous, when I said yes. Amy & David, there are many people in America who have no idea how radical and militant the Left really is. I think it would shock people to see how bad they really are at events like this weekend’s.

Of course, we know this. The same thing happened in 1983 against Reagan, many times against Contra Aid, against the 1991 Gulf War, etc. The thing that infuriates me is how the press/media protect these protests by NOT showing the real militant and radical sides of it. NOTHING like that exists in our pro-US/pro-military rallies, but it ALWAYS is there for the anti-military stuff.

…Every time they hold these protests, the media only shows the sides of things that look normal and nice for America. It is as if they go out of their way to protect the message from the radicals to only show the most mellow side, so that the whole thing comes off acceptable to the “moderates.”

Notice this photo gallery of Cindy Sheehan’s protests this week (Hat tip: League of Extraordinary Conservative Gentlemen). All flags, hugs and crosses. Yet the photos below show another face of the “peace”movement — one that is not “moderate’ at all.


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