Nobby Zoologists, Climate Change and American “Loonies”

Impact of Climate Change ‘Can be Likened to WMD’,” screams a headline based on remarks by Lord Robert May in Britain’s left-wing Independent newspaper.

So, have they found the WMDs?

The Independent says this nob is criticizing George W. Bush “for failing to follow through on the climate change commitments made by his father when he was president.”

Clue in, Nob. Aside from the fact that George W. probably has done just that and more (under W., the U.S. is spending $5 billion annually — yes, billion on climate change research and technology), he’s not required to. It’s not as if W. inherited the office from his Dad or something. (Jeez, what kind of backward system would that be, anyway?)

Nob also calls America a “sinners” nation (which we know can’t be true, ‘cuz we have separation of church and state) and a top Bush Administration official “looney.”

Oh, and speaking of nobs who climb on climate change soapboxes and call Americans loonies, Nob, like fellow would-be loonslayer Sir John Lawton, is not a climate scientist, but a mathematical biologist (he has served as professor of zoology at both Princeton and Oxford) with a doctorate in theoretical physics.

No doubt both of these eminent zoologists are smart — just not smart enough to realize that British nobs who publicly insult the American people in the name of the False God Kyoto just might be the best friends Kyoto opponents in the U.S. could ever have.

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