Insider Iraq Info in New Talisman Gate Blog

Robert Stevens of Alphabet City writes to recommend the new blog Talisman Gate by Iraqi writer and analyst Nibras Kazimi.

Nibras is a visiting scholar at the Hudson Institute, a highly-regarded think-tank, and a weekly columnist for the New York Sun.

I checked his blog out, and it is indeed informative. Posts critique Bush Administration policy (though not in a manner Cindy Sheehan would endorse) and provides tons of insider info about Iraq.

It’s fun, too. I liked this comment in Zarqawi Caught Fibbing…World in Shock!:

Sort of makes you wonder about the culpability of the MSM in providing more fuel to the jihadist fire. I’m looking at you, Dana Priest…

Or, from Eat My Dust Arianna, almost:

Suffering from blog-envy, and vaingloriously deeming myself a should-be (as opposed to wanna-be) celebrity, I thought that I could steal a march on Huffington’s post about her soiree with Ahmad Chalabi, and thus put ‘Talisman Gate’ on the map. Chalabi was the flavor of the news cycle. Of course, I have privileged access to Chalabi, so I was sure to get all the hot stuff. What I ended-up getting on his farewell ride back to Dulles Airport last night were indeed some red-hot insider scoops, except, I can’t quote a single line. Something about things being off-the-record and journalistic integrity, or something.Damn you Arianna… I will get you yet!

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