Blogging Global Warming

Bizzy takes a look at “Global Whining: The Real Results of Montreal.”

A small sample of others blogging the U.N.’s effort to stand athwart nature and yell “stop”:

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And a note to Jane: For our last year audited (2004), 97 percent of our funding came from gifts from individuals, 1.2% from foundation/non-profit grants, 1.2% from corporations, and the remainder from sales, rental income and interest income. If you want to know how many tax dollars we received in grants or contracts from government (the question conservatives ask), it is zero. If you want to know the amount of money we received from fossil fuel industries (the question liberals ask), in 2004, it amounted to six-tenths of one percent of our overall budget of $8,427,108. Numbers for 2005 should be similar, except, so far, we have received zero funding in 2005 from both government and fossil fuel industries. So, you can call that toilet paper “clean.”

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