Ed Feulner: Cold is Hot and Wet is Dry

A funny Greenpeace quote is in a recent column by Ed Feulner of the Heritage Foundation. The quote is highlighted in italics:

While most Kyoto enthusiasts have long argued the planet is getting warmer, a recent report in the journal Nature hints that a new ice age may be on the way. The report says the ocean current that keeps Europe warm may be shifting, which could make the continent cooler.But no matter what, the worrywarts have the future covered. Steven Guilbeault of Greenpeace explained, “Global warming can mean colder, it can mean drier, it can mean wetter, that’s what we’re dealing with.” No wonder humanity is having trouble addressing the problems — we can’t even decide what the problems are.

However, activists can agree on who’s to blame: The United States, of course.

Another Greenpeace spokesman, Bill Hare, told reporters, “When you walk around the conference hall here, delegates are saying there are lots of issues on the agenda, but there’s only one real problem, and that’s the United States.”

It makes a nice soundbite and certainly plays to the anti-American crowd, but nothing could be further from the truth…

Open-minded individuals can read the rest to see why America is not to blame here.

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