A Weak and Feeble Woman

Richard Reeb, writing on The Claremont Institute’s the Remedy blog, says: “In plain words, women need men’s strength and resolution, even as men need women’s civilizing.”

If men truly needed to be “civilized” by women, how could we accomplish it without “strength and resolution”? We’d just give up. And why not? Who needs a wild animal in the house?

More realistically, if a man doesn’t pick up his socks, he needs self-discipline, not a woman. (Indeed, he hasn’t earned a woman.)

As for men having more “strength and resolution”: Only if you are talking about biceps. Then it’s mostly true. Otherwise, any man who thinks women lack “strength and resolution” just needs to introduce himself to a better class of women. (Or follow around the one he’s got, to see how hard she’s working.)

Birth characteristics should not be confused with character. The former is bestowed on us; the second is our own design.

‘Nuff said. I think I’ll go read a book. Maybe about this uncivilized guy, or this weak and feeble woman.

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