ANWR: A Special Session of Congress Might Spur a Decision

Folks on the Hill are saying Congress may not act on ANWR this year.

Same as last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, etcetera.

Husband David has been saying that President Bush would serve the country well if he told Congress he’ll use his Constitutional authority to call Congress back into special session if Congress doesn’t settle the ANWR issue one way or another.

For Bush, it looks like a winning strategy, as it would cast him as a decisive leader on an issue important for both pocketbook and national security reasons. It also would help the President tell Congress that, even though he’s vetoed no bills as yet, he ‘s not the patsy they may think he is when it comes to dealing with Congress.

It would be interesting to see how many Congressmen who appreciate the opportunity to look “green” in their press releases would give that PR benefit up to save their Christmas vacation.

The country shouldn’t have to take “no action” as a Congress’ answer on a critical issue year after year after year. Enough already! Be a Grinch, Mr. Bush.

Addendum, 12/16/05: George Will says: A quarter of a century of this tactic applied to ANWR is about 24 years too many.”

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