What, We Apologize?

Just for fun, I put the words “apologize” and “miner” in Google News to see if any news outlets had run the phrase “we apologize for falsely reporting the miners were rescued alive,” or something similar.

One hit. Admittedly, Google News has very limited coverage, especially of the broadcast media, but really, just one hit?

The hit: The Charleston Daily Mail reported an apology by Ed Dawson, executive editor of the Herald-Dispatch in Huntington, West Virginia.

The article doesn’t mention how the Charleston Daily Mail itself covered the story, nor why any West Virginia newspapers ran unverified information as truth, but there is an implication within the text that the West Virginia press corps was victimized by the inability of the Associated Press to get the story right.

Are we to believe that West Virginia newspapers did not have their own reporters at the mine Tuesday night?

Was the story too small to bother with or not local enough for their taste?

As I’ve said before about things that shouldn’t be true but are: Sheesh.

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