Mark Tapscott Spoofs the Post

Mark Tapscott has a funny spoof on the Washington Post here.

My favorite line: “Bashenwright said he and Makupafak opted not to submit their study methodology or data to a peer-review process for publication in a scientific journal because “we know we’re right…”

Even though Mark’s post is a clear spoof of the Post, it also seems like a spoof on a lot of conventional-wisdom reporting on global warming research, except in the global warming stories, the next line is always an attack on the Bush Administration or an oil company. (You know, the folks who so far have prevented another 9/11 and the folks who provide the energy to get most of us to work everyday.)*

Speaking of Bashenwright and Makupafak, though, they might as well submit their study to a peer-reviewed journal. Their standards are not rigorous.

Mark is spoofing this Post story, which reminded me of the line in the old joke about how the Post would cover news of the end of the world: “World to End Tomorrow: Blacks, Other Minorities Hardest Hit.”

*Disclaimers: No one from NCPPR has been killed in a terrorist attack since 9/11, and thus we have a conflict of interest impeding objective coverage of the Bush Administration. Furthermore, NCPPR receives funding from the fossil fuel industry. Less than 1 percent of our funding, but some people think we can be bought for that.

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