Blog Redesign: My New Old Book

You won’t need eagle eyes to see this blog has a spiffy new design, thanks to designer Jeff Harrell.

I liked the way he redesigned his own blog, Shape of Days, so much I e-mailed him to see if I could talk him into redesigning ours. He was willing. His price was fair, too.

Jeff asked me what I wanted and all the help I gave him was that I like old books. Jeff took it from there.

The result: A blog design based on an actual photograph of a very old book and using, Jeff tells me, “ITC Founders Caslon Twelve, a modern digital typeface created from actual printed pages from the early 18th century. It’s traditional while still being slightly whimsical, and it’s uniquely and self-evidently American.”

Traditional while being slightly whimsical, and uniquely and self-evidently American. If that doesn’t describe blogging, I don’t know what does.

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