Brannon Howse: Christian “Leaders” Drinking Leftie Kool-Aid

A Christian columnist is wondering why a group of supposed Christian leaders who “would rarely, if ever, take a stand publicly on moral issues such as abortion and homosexuality” are willing to do the “bidding” of ultra-left, pro-abortion foundations when it comes to the issue of global warming.

An excerpt:

This is an emerging brand of Christianity that is assisting in and giving credibility and cover to groups in favor of globalism, the end of national sovereignty, tyranny and eventually the persecution of Christians. Let’s face it; the environmental initiative of many of today’s popular Christian leaders is being funded by some of the most anti-Christian, anti-American, globalist organizations. Follow the money trail.

The group of 85 is nothing less than the secular left’s Trojan horse that has been placed inside evangelical circles. The question is, does the group of 85 know they are being used? If so, what does that say about the group of 85? If they don’t know they are being used what does that tell you about their discernment? Can you really follow any of these “evangelical” leaders that are either complicit or ignorant in their involvement with such anti-Christian, globalist organizations?

Howse’s entire column is here.

Note: I blogged about the Kool-Aid drinkers Howse refers to yesterday; more to come.

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