Double Standard for Rush Limbaugh

This silliness from Bryant Gumbel about the winter Olympics being too white is far more offensive than Rush Limbaugh saying the news media wished black quarterback Donovan McNabb well.

Compare the reaction to Bryant Gumbel’s comments with these very hostile and anti-conservative columns written by ignorant sportswriters when Rush Limbaugh was being pilloried.

(You know, I’m actually not offended by Gumbel’s comments per se; more offensive than his comments is the fact that major networks think the American people are clueless enough to buy into his nonsense. Gumbel has spouted nonsense for many years. And the double-standard is offensive, of course.)

Addendum 2/17/06: Atlas Blogged asks:

What if Rush Limbaugh came on the air on one of his shows and said something like “I am not a fan of the NBA because there are just not enough white people in it. Going to an NBA game is like going to a Democratic Convention.

Well, we know what would happen if he said it on ESPN. They’d ban him from the airwaves and immediately put a poll on the main page of ESPN asking the same question they had just penalized Rush for asking.

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