Sesame Street Parodies and More

Granny Tiger takes on Sesame Street for its two-cute-by-half efforts to parody pop culture.

One of my sons was a huge Elmo fan (carried a small plastic Elmo with him 24/7 for about a year when he was 3-4), so I can safely say I’ve seen (or, at least, heard) the show a few times. The shows he and his siblings were least interested in were the ones that featured pop culture figures like Katie Couric or Julia Roberts. It wasn’t that their performances in themselves were sub-par, but in these instances, the producers seemed to be writing to showcase the star rather than for the kids. Elmo was portrayed as being excited about seeing Julia Roberts, but what preschooler would care?

Possibly some Sesame Street producers are a little bit starstruck?

I don’t think we’ve seen the Sesame Street parody of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” that Granny Tiger writes about, though. (We won’t be seeking it out.)

In another post, on another subject, Granny Tiger tells us about the abortion she never had. It may not sound like it, but it is a nice story.

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