Deroy Murdock: Hating Bush at Home, Hailing Our Troops Abroad

Deroy Murdock has a powerful essay on NRO detailing the savagery of the left’s hatred for George W. Bush.

Deroy also links to this New York Post story in which the mayor of Tal’ Afar (Iraq) thanks the troops of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment for saving his city from terrorists.

The mayor praises the U.S. soldiers, referring to them (rather ironically, historically speaking) as “lion hearts” and “knights.”

It is a very small world. Deroy Murdock is a distinguished fellow with the National Center. I visited NRO this evening for other reasons, but, seeing Deroy had new a piece there, I read it, only to find it was (in part) about the work of the 3rd ACR in Iraq. Ten minutes before, I had been in our family room listening to my niece’s husband Jason, who serves with the 3rd ACR and who returned from Iraq in late February, tell us the same story as Deroy. It is like there is Tal’ Afar karma in the house tonight, or something. (Assuming Christians and Muslims can have karma, that is.)

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