The Endangered Species Act: Why Protecting Property Rights Is Good For Landowners And Species

The National Center and Capital Research Center are co-hosting a briefing on the Endangered Species Act in the Senate Russell Building Monday, March 27. It is open to the public.

Panelists include:

Terrence Scanlon
President, Capital Research Center
IntroductionDavid Hogberg
Executive Director, Greenwatch
Capital Research Center
Topic: Opening Remarks

Peyton Knight
Director, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs
The National Center for Public Policy Research
Topic: Perverse Incentives in the ESA

R. J. Smith
Senior Fellow
The National Center for Public Policy Research
Topic: Critical Habitat and ESA Victims

Myron Ebell
Director of Energy and Global Warming Policy
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Topic: House and Senate Approaches to ESA Reform

More information is available here.

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