Black Conservatives on Cynthia McKinney-Police Officer Controversy

Project 21 members have commented on the Rep. Cynthia McKinney imbroglio.

Says Deroy Murdock:

McKinney should be arrested and prosecuted for assault, just like any other American. That’s called equal justice under law. She should look into it.Rather than explain herself and apologize for hitting this officer, which would make this whole thing go away, Representative McKinney decided to go ballistic and turn this into a matter of alleged sexism and racism. Are the Capitol Police now supposed to look the other way when women, blacks or those who are both black and female walk into the U.S. Capitol without stopping to be checked or identified? Is this the policy Representative McKinney really considers wise during wartime and while Washington is appropriately concerned about terrorist attacks?

Says Gregory Parker:

This is not a matter of gender or race. This is a matter of security and law. No elected official or their ego is above the law. Simply identifying herself would have saved all of us the headache of this grand jury, investigation and the race and gender allegations that do little to help race relations. It also could have saved the taxpayers’ money.

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