So Much for Science

From the mailbag:

Do you ever read the scientific journal Nature? EVER?! You must not have, but I suppose if you did you’d dissmiss all the hundreds of articles on global warming as liberal claptrap. Hmmm… So the entire scientific establishment is in a vast conspiracy with leftist liberals who want to hurt America because of their irrational doom mongering. Wow, that makes about as much sense as saying evolution is just a wacky theory from some mentally unstable Englishmen who hate God. Oh wait, people of your sort think that too! Either get a brain or get the [expletive deleted] out of politics!Antiochus The First
[email protected]

Politics? I thought the global warming theory was supposed to be based on science.Interestingly, the real Antiochus I reportedly was a believer in astrology.

Addendum, 5/8/06: The Other Club responds to this e-mailer better than I did.

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