Last Titanic Survivor With Memories of Sinking Dies

The last survivor of the sinking of the Titantic who was old enough when it happened to later recall the event, Lillian Asplund, has died.

Her father and three brothers, including a twin, were killed when the ship sank; she and a younger brother and her mother survived.

Here is a photo of her parents. More about the family here, including links to transcripts of news articles about the family from 1912 as relatives and authorities attempt to determine the who did and did not survive the tragedy. Sadly, early reports informed relatives that two, not four, of the seven family members had drowned, a fact which must have made learning the truth all the more difficult.

The Asplund boys who died were aged 13, 9 and 5.

Note: Thanks to Jennifer Biddson of for pointing out that I added up three survivors and four killed and somehow got six. I have corrected the text above to read “seven.”

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