Anonymous Source Watch IV

This AP report contains a curious excuse for keeping a source’s identity confidential:

The information indicated there was a high level of suspicious activity on the farm the day Hoffa vanished, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation is continuing.

The only way this excuse makes any sense is if “the official” fears being implicated in the death of Hoffa, and thus does not wish to reveal his knowledge of the “suspicious activity” until the coast is clear.Either that or the AP told its writers it has to give reasons for keeping sources secret but they can be made up ones that don’t make any sense instead of the one that (most likely) is the true reason: The source is a law enforcement official who is not allowed to leak details of a murder investigation to the press, and he does not want to get caught.

P.S. On the AP story is headlined with “Search for Hoffa Clues May Take Weeks.”

I’ll say! At least 1,600 weeks and counting…

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