Test Your Religious Knowledge Quiz

The liturgy excerpted below was downloaded from a website.

Celebrant: Blessed be the Lady who births, redeems and sanctifies us.People: And blessed be all of her creation forever. Amen

Celebrant: Nurturing Mother, our hearts are open to you. You know our yearnings and our deepest fears. Purify our hearts with your burning love, that we may learn to love you more and more.

From which website was the excerpted document downloaded?

A. Druid Rebirth Society, “Feast of Samhain” chant guide
B. StarTrekInfo.com, Script of TOS Episode 8, “Miri” (1966)
C. Episcopal Church “Transformation on the Edge” page
D. ReligiousTolerance.org’s “Actual Forms of Religious Satanism” page

Answer: c. Magic Statistics has the backstory. Here is the webpage from which the document was downloaded on May 19, 2006.

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