What Sesame Street Can Teach Us About Immigration

Brief thoughts on immigration policy for the blog from husband David:

When I recently had occasion to see the Sesame Place amusement park’s policy on line cutting, I just couldn’t help thinking of the current debate over immigration.The policy states that “line cutting is prohibited at all rides, attractions and shows. Line cutting for any reason can result in ejection from the park.”

When you really think about it, line cutting is what the current immigration debate is all about.

Millions of Mexicans who have entered the United States illegally have essentially cut in line in front of all those who played by the rules, followed our laws and are patiently waiting in line to gain legal status in the United States.

But rather than do as Sesame Place does and eject line cutters from the park, so to speak, the U.S. Senate would grant them broad amnesty and a path toward citizenship. In so doing, it would legitimize line cutters everywhere.

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