Wayne Hage: A Defender of Rights Moves On

In an editorial, Sean Paige of the Colorado Springs Gazette honors property rights hero Wayne Hage, who died this week, aged 69.

The editorial says, in part:

…Hage and other sagebrush rebels are to us a comforting reminder that some parts of the West remain untamed and unbowed — and that vestiges of the rugged individualism forged in the opening of the frontier lives on. Some argue that such sentiments are based on legends and myths, which need to be shelved or stamped out in order to pave the way for a “post cowboy” West. But we find something exhilarating and reassuring about the occasional flaring of sagebrush rebellions — in knowing that there are some Americans in the Wayne Hage mold, who aren’t going to back down from what they see as Uncle Sam’s bullying ways. Theirs is a spirit that’s too stubborn to crush.

An obituary telling a brief part of the Wayne Hage story and why his work is so important to the protection of the Constitution can be found here.

A much fuller picture can be found here, where Hage is quoted, saying, “A right undefended is a right waived.”

Absolutely. God Bless Wayne Hage.

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