The National Center for Public Policy Research Announces Staff Addition to Augment Work on Health Care and Social Security Policy

Washington, D.C. – The National Center for Public Policy Research is pleased to announce the addition of David Hogberg, Ph.D. to its health care and retirement security policy staff.

Dr. Hogberg is joining The National Center for Public Policy Research as a senior policy analyst.  He will focus on such pressing issues as Medicare, health care and Social Security reform. 

Dr. Hogberg most recently served as director of the Capital Research Center’s GreenWatch and EducationWatch projects.  Prior to that, Dr. Hogberg worked as a research analyst for the Public Interest Institute, an Iowa-based public policy organization. 

Dr. Hogberg also writes on a variety of public policy topics for The American Spectator Online, and posts frequently on the AmSpec Blog

Dr. Hogberg holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Iowa.

“We are pleased to welcome David Hogberg to our team,” said Amy Ridenour, president of The National Center for Public Policy Research.  “Dr. Hogberg will augment The National Center’s work in the health care and Social Security policy arenas.  Too many policymakers seem unwilling to admit that Medicare and Social Security are insolvent and in desperate need of fundamental reform. Dr. Hogberg will educate the public and policymakers on America’s best options for averting retirement security crises relating to Medicare and Social Security, as well as work to educate Americans about options for improving our health care system for Americans of all ages.”

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