Not for It, No Sir

Leftie blogger Glenn Greenwald is expressing apparently heartfelt concern that conservative bloggers fail to show sufficient vigor in denoucing death wishes when such sentiments are expressed by fellow conservatives.

I was heretofore unaware of our responsibility as conservative bloggers to scour the Internet for posts of this nature and condemn them on an individual basis. Given the overwhelming nature of the task, I fear I will fail to meet the challenge. Number of hours in a day and all that. Yet, I do not wish my all-too-human limitations to be mistaken as an endorsement of murder, homicide, maiming, injury, force or threats of force or any other illegal means of making life unpleasant or nonexistent for another. I’m not for that kind of thing, no sir.

Therefore, let this post serve as a permanent admonition and warning to anyone who actually cares: I do not support, and hereby condemn, retroactively and in advance, all calls for the murder of, or death wishes expressed against, persons other than officially declared mortal enemies of the United States of America. This admonition is permanently in effect and applies to conservatives, liberals, persons of confused or no political persuasion and to all the environmentalists who have written me over the years hoping my children will die in SUV accidents or by other means they have carefully taken pains to describe.

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