The Only Consensus on Global Warming is that the Sun Warms It Every Day

Media Matters seems to be refuting itself.

In the summary of an article criticizing the Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell Wednesday, Media Matters said:

Summary: L. Brent Bozell III misleadingly suggested that there is no scientific consensus on the existence of global warming, claiming that scientists were once predicting another ice age. In fact, the magnitude of the consensus among scientists that global warming exists and that human activity is a contributing factor dwarfs the pool of scientists 30 years earlier who warned that the earth was cooling.

If Media Matters was genuinely confident in a “scientific consensus on the existence of global warming,” it would not have used the qualifying phrase “the magnitude of the consensus (emphasis added) among scientists that global warming exists” later in the same one paragraph summary.There either is a consensus or there isn’t. No orders of magnitude are involved.

Whoever heard of a “little consensus” or a “big one”?

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