Muzzling Facts about the Violence Against Women Act

Looks like global warming isn’t the only issue in which folks try to win by muzzling those who disagree. Trudy Schuett writes to say that it also happened regarding the Violence Against Women Act:

Global warming isn’t the only issue where it seems Congress only wants to hear one side of the story.

In fall of 2005, when Senate hearings on the Violence Against Women Act were upcoming, Phyllis Schlafly attempted to get me an invitation to the hearings, as I’ve researched the issue extensively, know the agencies well, and she felt another side of the issue needed to be aired. While it’s far more complex than can be covered in a single e-mail, our stance is that the vast network of over 2000 programs and services funded by VAWA provide to victims little or no actual assistance related to their problem. In addition, VAWA-funded state coalitons on domestic violence function primarily as lobbying groups for legislation friendly to radical feminist ideology, which demonizes men and restricts the rights of women to make their own life choices. We feel this is an inappropriate use of public funds.

She was told no opposing points of view were welcome. They were only interested in hearing positive statements related to the reauthorization of VAWA.

It’s not as if there was an overwhelming amount of interest in the passage of the act by the general public, either. Over the summer, The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence put out a call for victims who would come forward and testify to the Senate on why this act needed reauthorization to keep their programs running. When we saw the congressional record later, after the hearings, we expected to see the names of a number of women who?d been through shelter programs show up to say how they had been helped. Yet the list of those speaking included only employees of agencies who directly benefit financially from VAWA grants, and an actress with a movie to promote.

There is quite clearly something wrong here.

Trudy W. Schuett

Don’t worry, Ms. Schuett. One day we’ll have a Republican Congress, and left-wing pork like this will end.

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