A Sample of Our Climate Change Mail

A sample of a typical letter we receive on global warming (except it is unusually polite):

Do you really believe that the educated public can’t see the changes taking place before our own eyes? Money and politics won’t matter when our environment is beyond repair. Are you all that short-sighted?Jan

One constant about climate is that it is always changing. So all human beings perceive climate change. How could we not? It changes all around us on a continuous basis from the day we are born.No individual, however, can (through his own perceptions alone) measure global climate changes, let alone determine the reasons for them or accurately project what changes will occur in the future.

As a result, even if you sincerely believe it is hotter or colder or wetter or calmer where you are now than it was last year or 50 years ago, and even if you are right about that, all that tells you is that it is hotter or colder or wetter or calmer where you are now than it was last year or 50 years ago. Sorry. Climate isn’t that simple. Indeed, no one yet born, including those who have devoted a lifetime to its study, has a full understanding of the workings of all the natural systems that drive our extremely complex global climate.

However, Jan, if you are the type who can’t help worrying anyway, what is it you suggest? Building more nuclear power plants and hydroelectric dams? Cutting world energy use by 70 percent? Because even if the anthroprogenic (human-caused) global warming theory promoted by Al Gore and others is true and the consequences of it as dire as Gore claims (facts for which there is considerable doubt), the problem won’t be solved by sending letters of complaint to conservative think tanks.

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