Deneen Moore Named Senior Fellow of Project 21 Black Leadership Network

Project 21 has an announcement:

Deneen Moore Named Senior Fellow of Project 21 Black Leadership NetworkMembers of Project 21 welcome the appointment of Deneen Moore as a senior fellow for the black leadership network. In her new position, Ms. Moore will enjoy an increased role in the organization’s outreach efforts.

“I am very fortunate and pleased to serve as a senior fellow with Project 21,” said Ms. Moore. “This organization prides itself on communicating the path to prosperity, and independence depends on recognizing the important role of free market principles in meeting today’s challenges.”

Ms. Moore formally served as a public relations consultant and radio talk show host for the Congress of Racial Equality, one of the nation’s oldest civil rights organizations. In her duties as a senior fellow for Project 21, Ms. Moore will author regular New Visions Commentaries and increase her already highly visible role as a spokesperson for the organization.

“Project 21 provides a platform for me to educate the black community on the importance of individual responsibility and self-reliance as means to improve their lives today for a better tomorrow,” added Moore…

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