2,996 Project Remembers Victims of 9-11 Attacks

I have joined over 3,000 other bloggers to support the 2,996 Project, an project conceived and carried out by D. Challener Roe in memory of the 2,996 of our fellow Americans and friends who were murdered by terrorists five years ago.

More than 3,000 bloggers are each celebrating the memory of someone lost in the attacks by writing something briefly about them.

If you lost someone on 9-11 and wish to see what has been written about the person (or persons )you knew, or if, like so many others, you wish to read and remember those who were lost, go here for a list of those lost, and a link to the blogger who has pledged to honor his or her memory.

Many tributes have already been written and posted; others have yet to appear. My own small contribution, a post describing what I have learned about the life of James Michael Patrick, will be posted Sunday and will be the top post on this blog all day on Monday, September 11.

In the meantime, please visit these two posts (here for Ben; here for Noah) written by the two youngest participants in the 2,996 project, six-year-old Ben and four-year-old Noah, who are remembering Mr. Lester Vincent Marino, a father of four.

The boys wrote about Mr. Marino on their blog, and named their tree fort in Mr. Marino’s honor.

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