Global Warming Quiz II

How many of the warmest months recorded over the last 300 years (central England data) took place during the Little Ice Age (which ended, roughly, in the mid-1800s)?

A. Zero — all the warmest months were recorded after 1880
B. Four; five if you consider 1865 a Little Ice Age Year
C. Two; three occurred from 1900-1975; seven since 1975

Answer: B. Hottest-ever months were recorded in 1729, 1779, 1833, 1846 and 1865. The years for each hottest month are: January-1916; February-1779; March-1957; April-1865; May-1833; June-1846; July-2006; August-1995; September-1729; October-2001; November-1994; December-Tie between 1934 & 1974. (Source: Climate Audit.)

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