In Which I am Unmasked as “PC Brainwashed”

A correspondent takes issue with my post “No Blue-Eyed Foreigners Need Apply“:


I found your article entitled “No Blue-Eyed Foreigners Need Apply” an iteresting piece for your particular site which seems to be anti-socialist. Yet, this article you have done presents you as exactly that, or at least shows you have the mindset of a brainwashed socialist.

In case you have failed to notice, whether you are a religious person, or a devout atheist, God, or nature if you prefer, has created the Asian female for the Asian male. Likewise, God created the Black female and the Black male to be mates for each other, the Arab male and female to be mates for each other and so on, and so on.

If you’ve traveled the world you will find this, His design, everywhere you go. But, like the Communist or Socialist, you seem to desire something different and condemn those who agree with his design as being “xenophobic.” You, like the Socialist, seem to prefer a world without borders, a single-raced people with no distinctions, a world in which everyone is equal and just the same.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is NOT the way nature (or God) intended things to be. That’s also why nations have borders by the way — to keep other people not like those who live there out.

You betray yourself as the typical Western female who is pampered and has more freedoms than any other female on earth. One who supposes there is nothing wrong whatever for a White female to choose ANY type of male for her mate. And there is but one reason for that: the Western male, unlike all other foreign males, allows it. But by doing so you betray him, yourself, God, and what nature intended.

Just something to think about the next time you through around the word “xenophobic” so casually. Takeo Hirnuma made no mistake nor offence in what he said. Only the PC brainwashed would make the comment you did. And no, I’m not Asian.Eric Taylor

I’m not assuming that’s his real name. Or that he’s ever had a girlfriend.

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