HSA Enrollment of 25-30 Million Expected by Treasury Department

David Hogberg caught the Commonwealth Fund saying something that is patently false, in Congressional testimony, no less.

Sarah Collins, vice president of the Fund, said this about health savings accounts (HSAs) and high-deductible health plans (HDHPs):

The U.S. Treasury Department estimates that under current law only 14 million people will ever enroll in HSA-eligible HDHPs — still a relatively small share of the overall market.

The reference for that sentence is this Fact Sheet (PDF) from the Treasury Department. It says something a little different about the number of people the Treasury Department projects will enroll in HSAs in the future:


14 million by 2010 — Treasury Department projection of HSA policies (covering 25 to 30 million people) — based on current law.

More here.

Addendum: From e-mail received on this topic, evidence that feelings are on strong about health savings accounts. I wonder about the first correspondent’s motives, however. Why would a person react so negatively to HSAs being popular? They don’t hurt anyone, and I’ve never heard of anyone being forced to buy an HSA against their will. Furthermore, how can “consumer-driven health care” be an oxymoron? Are doctors treating patients against their will as well?

Mr. Hogberg, your starting premise is [expletive deleted] so your criticism is meaningless. Consumer driven health care is an oxymoron. Your non-partisan moniker is hyberbole.

Joel Grumm
Grand Rapids, MI

In regards to Ms. Collins and her organization, I have never seen a more blatant misrepresentation of facts and information to discredit a program is that really helping some people obtain insurance. Sometimes, I feel that Ms. Collins thinks we are trying to legalize crack instead of creating another healthcare option. When people say the media is Left wing slanted, you only have to look at the articles on HSAs for confirmation!

Jim Snyder, President
Great Lakes HSA

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