John Hancock, Mid-20th Century Pediatricians at Fault in Enron Scandal

Former Los Angeles Times National Correspondent Robert Scheer, writing in his Creator’s Syndicate column, isn’t happy that Jeffrey Skilling got sentenced 24 years in prison for the Enron scandal. Scheer’s blaming the Bush family for what happened at Enron.

Says Scheer:

No, I’m not thrilled over Jeffrey Skilling getting 24 years in prison for his role in the Enron scandal. While he and fellow Enron honcho Kenneth Lay were clearly guilty as charged, the handling of this case by the Bush Justice Department is a functional cover-up of the Bush family’s role in enabling these crimes.

Here’s Scheer’s reasoning:

…without the deregulation of the energy industry pushed by the first President Bush, Enron would have remained a minor company without the capacity to swindle.

How true.

Some other truths:

* Had Mr. and Mrs. Lay, Mr. and Mrs. Skilling and Mr. and Mrs. Fastow not had babies, Ken, Jeffrey and Andrew could not have led Enron. These familes literally gave birth to the scandal. Failure to acknowledge this is a functional cover-up of these families’ roles, and the roles of their pediatrians, in enabling the Enron crimes.* Had the Founding Fathers not rebelled against George III, British business laws would have applied to Enron executives. Failure to prosecute the Founding Fathers for supplying Enron defendants with what amounts to a “Get out of British Jail Free Card” is a functional cover-up of the Founding Fathers’ role in enabling misdeeds at Enron. (Rebel CEO John Hancock’s action in certifying the Declaration of Independence deserves special scrutiny.)

* God created Heaven and the Earth. The latter contains natural gas. Enron was formed by the merger of two natural gas companies. Failure to acknowledge to creation of the Earth as a key step in the facilitation of the Enron frauds is a functional cover-up of…

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