COP-12 Report: Fear From Crime Trumps Fear from Climate Change

Husband David has another report from the COP-12 U.N. global warming conference in Nairobi:

The risk from crime is apparently more palpable to environmentalists than the risks of catastrophic climate change from inaction, as thousands of global warming activists stayed away from the COP-12 conference, apparently due to security concerns.Nairobi’s crime rate — particularly theft — is high and the U.N. and the U.S. State Department advises against walking the streets at night, particularly alone.

In contrast with the COP-11 meeting, which was held in Montreal, there have been no lines to enter the U.N.’s Nairobi facility. There have been no theatrics by the Greens inside the facility during our time here, such as activists in polar bear suits. Perhaps this is a reflection of lower turnout or beefed up security.

Perhaps a even more significant sign that attendance is way down.

Green activists normally outnumber conservatives by 500-to-one or more at these events, though conservative participation is off a bit, too. So it was a surprising that a conservative not only found fellow conservative Craig Rucker’s lost conference credentials but managed to track him down without going more than a few feet from where he’d been sitting.

Normally, its possible to attend these meetings and not even know that some kindred spirits are even attending because so many people are in attendance. Not so this time.

Rucker, by the way, is with the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, the group with which The National Center has partnered to distribute Kyoto Protocol Survival Kits.

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