Kofi Annan Apparently Uncertain About Global Warming

Another report from David Ridenour at the COP-12 U.N. global warming conference in Nairobi:

There are signs that even Secretary General Kofi Annan may have some doubts about the certainty of global warming.This morning he delivered a fiery speech at the U.N. Conference on global warming in Nairobi (known as COP-12) in which he outlined a bleak future for the world if it doesn’t act immediately to reduce greenhouse emissions.

“Climate change is not just an environmental issue… It is an all-encompassing threat,” said Annan. “Billion-dollar weather-related calamities. The destruction of vital ecosystems such as forests and coral reefs. Water supplies disappearing or tainted by salt-water intrusion… All this and more lies ahead.”

Annan’s speech was widely reported in the international press.

What wasn’t widely reported in the press is that Annan also said this…

“This is not science fiction. These are plausible scenarios.”

Plausible scenarios? Plausible scenarios? The entire world is being asked to take immediate, economically-devastating energy-use reductions for for something that’s merely plausible?

Annan’s statement certainly suggests that Annan isn’t certain the scary scenarios he outlined will happen.

Could it be that he’s being swayed by the skeptics he so laments?

All I can say is: Walk toward the light, Kofi, walk toward the light.

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