Senators and Theft

The Chicago Sun-Times has published husband David’s statement criticizing Senators Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and Olympia Snowe (R-ME) for asking ExxonMobil to stop funding 29 “climate change denial front groups” to which, the Senators claim, ExxonMobil was “the primary funder” in 2004. (The actual names of the groups were not disclosed by the Senators, which may make it a bit problematic for ExxonMobil to grant their request, should it be so inclined.)

The statement received coverage elsewhere, too, including on the anti-skeptic Desmogblog. That blog tried to steal David’s essential point — that dissenters have not always been properly appreciated by the advocates of orthodoxy — by trying to claim it for themselves, but their getaway car had a flat. If there genuinely is “a consensus” that the planet is facing man-made catastrophic warming, as Desmogblog insists, then those who hold that view cannot by definition be “dissenters.” (For that matter, if there truly is a consensus, there can’t be any dissenters.)

Global warming aside, I also was struck by the photo of my husband that graced the blog entry. Definitely the handsomest guy on the page. I well remember taking that very photo. What I don’t remember is Desmogblog asking for permission to publish it. Send me a buck, folks, for one-time use, and I’ll donate the dollar to charity in your name.

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