Choice for Children With Autism Opposed by ACLU

From Cybercast News Service:

A legal battle over two new scholarships in Arizona has pitted proponents of school choice for children who have special needs or live in foster homes against opponents, including the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, who claim the programs use vouchers that fund ‘private schools with public dollars.”Parents should be free to choose the education environment that is best for their child,’ said Jessica Geroux of Apache Junction, Ariz., on Thursday, when five families filed papers asking the Arizona Supreme Court to support the Scholarships for Pupils With Disabilities Program and Displaced Pupils Choice Grant Program.

Geroux’s six-year-old son, Tyler, has been diagnosed with autism.

‘This plan would let us move to another public school district in our area that may run their special education program better or let us seek out schools that specialize in teaching autistic students,’ she told Cybercast News Service Friday….

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