British Doctors Disillusioned with Central Control

A poll of 3,000 British doctors, says the London Times, “shows a profession disillusioned with central control, angered by the growth of bureaucracy, and deeply skeptical…”

Government-run medicine seems to be working out great in Britain, doesn’t it?

Hat tip: Socialized Medicine.

Addendum: More on the same theme. In a post Monday, NHS Blog Doctor says, among other things:

…Currently there is a compulsory 22 week wait for routine surgery at the local hospitals I use. This is end-of-year cost saving.

I have had a patient die of lung cancer before she got to the top of the waiting list for radiotherapy; radiotherapy that would most likely have extended her life.

…there are not enough radiation oncologists, and [the British government health minister’s] attempt to paper over the cracks with the cheap alternative of the ludicrous touchy-feely ‘lung cancer nurse specialists’ has fooled no one…


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