Good for Mitch McConnell

Senate Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has stepped in to prevent global warming activists from using the Capitol grounds as part of their political crusade to make the energy use of Americans subject to limitations created in Washington (if we’re “lucky”; they really want the United Nations to do it).

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…late Friday afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) tried to get Senate Republicans to allow former Vice President Al Gore to stage a global warming concert on Capitol grounds. But Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) objected to Reid’s request, and the resolution authorizing the concert, for now, remains stuck in the Rules and Administration Committee.

Specifically, what Reid tried to do was get an unanimous consent agreement approving S. Con. Res. 24, which would permit Live Earth and the Alliance for Climate Protection, which Gore runs, to stage a July 7 concert on Capitol grounds. Live Earth is staging concerts that day on all seven continents…

…Reid and Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) have introduced the resolution allowing the concert to take place (see below), and it was referred to the Rules Committee. It’s still there, thanks to McConnell’s objection, and he apparently wants the panel to look into the matter before he signs off on it.

McConnell, though, said his objection only covered “the time being,” so I don’t know if that means he and other GOP leaders think it’s a good idea or not. I haven’t had time to ask him or his staff, but I will and get back to you.

So, for all the wonks out there like me who get off on this stuff, here’s a copy of the resolution. Note that the concert won’t cost taxpayers anything, since Live Earth and the Alliance for Climate Protection will reimburse the Capitol Police for the cost of security during the concert…

The full article, including a copy of the resolution, is here.

The left uses the draw of a “free concert” to draw people to political rallies they otherwise would never attend. This is a political event. The sponsors presumably want the background of the Capitol in the media shots to enhance the credibility of their cause and the influence of their backers, the most prominent of which may well be running for President. The Capitol building belongs to all Americans, and should not be exploited in this manner.

Addendum, 3/27/07: A correspondent writes to complain, admitting his interest in attending the concert has nothing to do with concern for the planet:

Are you serious? You are praising a senator for stepping in to prevent the worlds largest concert from taking place on the Capitol Grounds? I would love if the concert took place downtown.

I don’t know how close you have been following the Live Earth concert or even as a mother-of-three if you ever enjoyed life for a minute during your youth, but this concert is a fantastic idea. Any US city chosen to host this event should be honored and embrace the largest one day international concert since Live 8.

The concert first was looking to take place on the DC lawn but its booked. Next up is Shea stadium in NY (Mets are out of town) and most recently the word is Philadelphia, if the Capitol falls through. You really need to put politics aside for one moment and take in the full scope of this event. Every major recording artist and band in the world will be performing at Live Earth. This event will be attended and viewed by more the 2 billion viewers (most by tv, radio, and internet). It doesn’t matter if the backdrop is the Capitol or the Liberty bell. DC should embrace this concert and collect the flood of tourism revenue potentially heading towards the district.



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