Barbara Boxer’s Mean Left Hook

From husband David, some personal observations from the most recent hearing on global warming in Senator Barbara Boxer’s committee:

Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman Barbara Boxer said that she wanted to continue hearing from all sides of the global warming debate during her closing statement at yesterday’s global warming hearing.

We have reason to doubt her sincerity.

Those who disagree with her particular view of global warming can end up on the receiving end of Boxer’s very mean left hook.

Just ask Bob Murray, CEO of Murray Energy Company. During his testimony yesterday, Murray implored the committee to resist regulations that would inflict hardship on American families. He said he was particularly concerned about the welfare of the 3,300 people directly dependent and up to 36,000 indirectly dependent on Murray Energy for their livelihoods.

In response, Chairman Boxer introduced a Columbus Dispatch article, littered with quotes from her trade union movement allies, that questioned the safety record of Murray’s mines.

Yes, the article was way off-topic, but the point of introducing it was to impugn Mr. Murray’s reputation and undermine his credibility when he spoke of his deep concern for workers.

Senator Boxer had intended to criticize Mr. Murray without allowing him to respond, but he defended his company’s safety record, sometimes speaking over her gavel.

There was no pretense of fairness. Had she chosen to be fair, Senator Boxer would have had to mention that Murray Energy received the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals’ Leadership Award in 2003.

Murray did much better in the exchange.

Senator Boxer appeared petty, intemperate, and ungracious – certainly not the image the Chairman of the committee that had invited Mr. Murray to testify should project.

Perhaps even she realized this.

Moments before introducing the Columbus Dispatch article, she appeared to be showing it to freshman Senator Sheldon Whitehouse – possibly to convince him to take the lead in character assassination.

If she did, he didn’t bite. Whitehouse may be a freshman, but he wasn’t born yesterday.

* * *

Senator Joe Lieberman may have his flaws, but he was at least a bit more honest about how open he was to hearing the views of others.

Before departing the hearing, Lieberman said he’d be happy to meet and work with anyone who agrees that global warming is a problem and that devising a cap and trade system is the answer.

In other words, he’ll be happy to meet with anyone who shares his view.

We have no reason to doubt his sincerity, at least.

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