Debunking Nonsense Related to Disaster Losses and Climate Change

From Prometheus, back in November:

Debunking nonsense related to disaster losses and climate change is getting to be a full time job…Reuters reports: Losses from extreme weather could top $1 trillion in a single year by 2040, a partnership of the United Nations Environment Programme [UNEP] and private finance institutions (UNEP FI) warned on Tuesday…

Bottom line: The UNEP report does not say what the representative of UNEP said it did. Nor does it say what has been reported in the major media, including the Reuters report. This is unfortunate because the UNEP-report has some valuable information on the importance of adaptation in the face of continuing growth in vulnerability to disasters. Effective policy on climate is unlikely to develop if the UN and the media are providing misleading or incorrect analyses.

…unsound analyses only provide fodder for those skeptical of action on climate change.

Consider me foddered.

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