The First Hurricane in Spain

A Trainwreck in Maxwell has a little fun with a Reuters report (reprinted on Bullwinkle’s Blog, which has some fun of its own).

Reuters is claiming that no hurricane hit Spain until 2004.

I doubt readers of this blog will be surprised to read that the claim was made in support of the global warming theory.

A Trainwreck in Maxwell and Bullwinkle Blog have slightly longer memories — or maybe Reuters is simply following the lead of the new British educational curriculum, which puts the mastery of global warming dogma over learning history.

(My personal theory on that is that the global warming alarmists are getting history out of the classrooms now, so in 20-40 years or so, when the planet may well be in a cooling trend, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren won’t ever learn about some of the foolish global warming predictions being made today.)

I’m pleased that my post commemorating the Battle of Trafalgar was able to play a modest role in the fun.

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