Another Idiotic Environmentalist Opinion

I don’t usually use words like “idiotic,” even when appropriate, but this gentleman’s correspondence makes the word especially apt. Our position on invasive species legislation, as shown here, is that it “should be case-specific, weigh species’ benefits against costs, and… be based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence.” To this I believe reasonable position, a Frank Friedrich Kling (or some very mean person, impersonating him), writes:

Do you stupid [expletive deleteds] have any idea how much money invasive species are costing farmers, taxpayers, and the average American? I live on a farm and am in a constant battle with non-native species like crab grass, kudzu, pig weed,purple loosestrife, green borer beetles, and now a newly introduced species of bettle that is destroying this country’s Ash trees.You neo-con [expletive deleteds] are so caught up with George Bush and allowing corporations to do any [expletive deleted] thing they want that not only the environment but people suffer from your misguided positions. Why do you hate anything that benefits the environment. The Passenger pigeon, Carolina Parakeet, Ivory billed woodpecker and many other now extinct and soon to be extinct species thank you for their destruction. God, do I hope you have your day of reckoning with the good Lord.

These and other invasive species are destroying this country’s landscape and cost billions and billions to TRY and control.

Get a life and come live in the real world.

“The good Earth – we could have saved it, but we were too damn cheap and lazy.”

Frank Friedrich Kling
[address removed]
Woodstock, Illinois

Mr. Kling does not mention if his farm raises pigs. Pigs are an invasive species.

P.S. The only corporate interactions we’ve had on the invasive species issue are from those who sell pesticides. They weighed in, as corporations often do, with the environmentalists.

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