Pro-Military Rally Trumps Leftist Hooligans in DC




As noted the other day, Project 21 member Kevin Martin led the D.C. Chapter of Free Republic in a rally of support for armed forces recruiters in Washington, D.C. Monday.

The rally was in response to an anti-war rally at the same location by some hooligans who described their activities this way:

… After many previous protests had found the 14th st recruiter “closed” at 5PM, Funk the War found them open, and the door unlocked at nearer to 6Pm and promptly exploited the situation by demonstrating to them first hand how an occupying force behaves.

After a loud commotion inside while outnumbered cops watched, recruiters finally managed to get protesters to leave-but not before literature and full-body length cardboard displays in the street window area were destroyed. In addition, hundreds more “Funk the War” stickers were plastered all over just about everything that would take them. By the time everyone was out it looked like a tornado had swept through the lobby.

One recruiter tried to grab an activist but found himself overpowered by SDS’s superior strength and numbers and had no choice but to give up!

There is more of that juvenile nonsense here.

Kudos to Kevin and the members of Free Republic who didn’t let the hooligans have the last word.

Addendum: Free Republic reports on the rally here; more pictures of the event can be found here.

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